Shadow Rest has cottages to getaway and regain your connection with nature and God ... and a yurt.

A yurt ???

A yurt is a wood lattice frame structure with a durable fabric cover. It's like a tent, but much stronger, and weather tight, with a framed door. Central Asian nomads used them for centuries. We have a modern one, that you can sleep in.

Yes, it's climate controlled. If it's good enough for the nomads of old, aren't you at least curious? Click for more on yurts.

The cabins are in the edge of the woods, just above a small lake. Yes, there are fish in the lake.

spiritual retreat cabins in spring

Spiritual Retreat in Southeast Missouri
Southern Illinois - Western Kentucky area
Shadow Rest - Cape Girardeau


This the Selah Cottage. Selah means to rest or pause. Stop and listen. Connect. Some 31 of the Psalms "to the choirmaster" mention the word "Selah". What would music be without a pause? It's like "Amen" in that it stresses the importance of something you just read or heard. Let's stay with the "rest or pause" idea.

Selah getaway cottage at Shadow Rest

The Selah Cottage has a king-sized bed.



The Charis cottage is a bit smaller. Charis means "concrete expression of grace". Or just "grace". Grace is God showing His love to you even though you don't deserve it. Bask and reflect on that, here.

Charis cottage

Charis cottage also has a king-sized bed.





Chapel: Meet God in the Morning


The retreat center offers a pleasant café-like ambiance that is perfect for meetings with up to 45.

kitchen: Shadow Rest retreat

There are kitchen facilities available for preparation or warming of food.


lower lodge

The lower part of the lodge has a suite of two rooms: the sitting room and the bedroom, with a full bathroom.

bedroom, living area under Shadow Rest lodge

The facilities are available to pastors, missionaries, churches and other organizations for small retreats and meetings. Check the calendar to see if the date you have in mind is open. Contact us for further details.

Quiet refuge
Time in prayer and reflection
Refreshed heart and soul
Relaxation, rejuvenation; spiritual, marriage renewal
Nature environment
Spiritual direction available
Perspective for complexities and challenges

Spiritual Retreat in Southeast Missouri
Southern Illinois - Western Kentucky area
Shadow Rest - Cape Girardeau